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The concept of Victoria Ordoñez, recover the wine of Malaga


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In search of differentiation, Victoria Ordóñez decides to include in its broths the native variety Pedro Ximénez de los Montes de Málaga , grapes from Malaga wines par excellence, since only in Malaga He cultivated, and that, during the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, gave Malaga wine international origin and fame. The elaboration of these wines, which were mostly dry, was abandoned after phylloxera until today. We are therefore faced with a risky and innovative project due to the lack of references in this type of wine. The research work led them to explore a wine area until then very forgotten: the Montes de Málaga , which includes the municipalities of Málaga, Casabermeja and Colmenar. To find the virtually non-existent Pedro Ximénez , it was necessary to investigate for months to locate small plots of old vineyards in which a laborious selection task has been carried out to separate Pedro Ximénez from other varieties that coexist in the same lands, own situation of the old vineyards. For this task he had the collaboration of the Regulatory Council of the DD. 00. ‘Málaga’ and `Sierras de Málaga’ .

In addition to introducing the Pedro Ximénez of the Montes de Málaga Natural Park , Victoria Ordóñez has continued betting on the new Moscatel grape, a variety he knows well and has worked throughout from his professional career, this time selecting vineyards of Malaga’s High Axarquia at almost 1000 m altitude, in the Natural Park of Sierra Tejeda. The Victoria Ordóñez Winery started with the 2015 harvest and since then it has been increasing the volume of production and developing new wine projects.